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Captains of our own destiny and he has had more than enough chances ! Look at George Best, given a new liver and a second chance and he pissed it up the wall when someone else could have had that liver ! If you saw someone on the street in the same state as Gazza was in that video you would think ” Look at that pisspot what a disgrace ” The only difference is, that pisspot would have no means of any help because they are just government statistics who nobody gives a fuck about whereas the likes of ex professional footballers have shit loads of money and connections to aid them in times of despair ! It was pitiful watching that video and I would say from the evidence of it that he wont make next Christmas which is a sad assessment for anyone let alone a guy who had so many chances to turn things around !

Just a couple of points:
1) George Best did not die because he pished his new liver up the wall. He died due to complications caused by the immunosuppressive drugs he needed to take following his liver transplant & which ultimately caused multiple organ failure. It’s a high risk factor for all transplant patients
2) Having money is no barrier to prevent the kind things (mental health issues, depression etc..) which can ultimately lead to alcoholism. Alcoholism isn’t purely the result of a person who is unable to exercise some form of self-control over their drinking or to know when it is or isn’t a good idea to start in the first place. In some cases it is in he vast majority it isn’t[/quote]

I stand corrected re the actual cause of Best’s death but he was back on the sauce at the time and actually allowed one of the big newspapers to photograph him on his death bed with the message ” Don’t Die Like Me ! ” As for Gazza, his money has been used to have him admitted to many top class rehab clinics and psychiatric hospitals and he has been given countless chances down the years, something that our street drunk would never ever receive ! His multiple drink driving offences don’t auger too well either ! The comments underneath his latest drunken video are split with support and no sympathy and I just happen to be in the latter camp !