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Believe who you will but I was always told by the groundstaff at the (then) JJB that rugby causes little damage, as most of the movement onto it is downwards in tackles. Scrums are now a token part of the game and they certainly aren’t “digging their stilettos in”. They loosely bind and get the play moving.

Pitches are cut up badly by football sliding tackles with “blades”.

There have only been two rugby games at the John Smiths, and months of football.

I am certainly no fan of rugby but we lose the high ground if we start getting silly.

Exactly mate. Or as they worded it to me:

Pick a section of your lawn and drop onto it several times and then stand up. Then pick another section and kick a football from the same spot whilst wearing boots and see the difference. Then slide on your knees ala Wayne Rooney when he scores. There will only be one half of the lawn in a mess.