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I have to admit I was a little bemused that the majority on here think we would struggle in the championship if we went down…

I think the only kick in the nads is all the senior players out of contract would be off in a shot but I dont hold much hope of any of them signing on if we do stay up so its not a major problem for me.

All the players in contract I am led to beleive have a significant relegation wage drop clause ( a contributing factor in our usual end of season escape? ) which will leave us in a position that if they went to go they will go for a reasonable price.

Then you have the likes of Mcmanaman, Dicko, Fyvie, Lopez and Golobart who I believe would have an opportunity to shine at that level.

Maloney really would be the Messi of the championship for me he seems to get better every time he plays.

Our club despite having the second lowest attendance on the PL and one of the cheapest set of tickets in football is still 100% financially secure.

If we went down I am sure there would still be money to spend to buy good championship players.

And in all honesty I think we would have bigger crowds than the last time we were in the championship despite the lower average away followings or are Wiganers really as fickle as they seem ?

Also I think if we stay up Roberto may be off at the end of the season but if we go down I honestly think he would stay.

And on a final note we are not going to get relegated so its a fruitless discussion ;)

I agree we will stay up and I think the prem season will kick start this Saturday despite what the negative folk are saying.[/quote]

It should start this Saturday, it’s after that that I am worried about !