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I think your memory is a bit hazy Tylders for 1. Jason De Vos was immense for us and nothing short of it and 2. I am fairly certain it was De Vos who left on a Bosman for a better chance of promotion rather than Jewell letting him go.

The only haziness going on is in your memory Salford
Jason De Vos was immense for the most part for Latics & he won me many a pretty penny on first goal scorer but he really struggled against anyone with an iota of pace & it started to show more than ever in the latter stages of Latics first season in the championship.
Yes he left on a Bosman but the club waited till relatively late in the day to offer him any deal & then withdrew that & only offered him a 1 year deal as he was starting to struggle in that season. It’s hardly the actions of a club fighting tooth & nail to keep someone. Ipswich offered him a 3 yr deal & that’s why he left
The feeling between me & my mates at the time was that he needed to move on & a quick search on the internet just found me a comment from a Latics fan on a Canadian football website after he’d just signed for Ipswich that mentions “his time had come with us I’m afraid” and that “lack of pace is a major problem” for him – so I wasn’t the only one!! ;) BTW the poster was named as “Batch” whose name rings a bell from on here