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Putting aside the fact you are skewering off into our first Championship season not the Division 2 title winning season that the thread was originally intended for last year if you dig deep into that clear memory of yours you may remember he spent the first part of that season out injured?

After that he was literally ever present in the side for the rest of the season.

I am sure you and your mates needed a scape goat just like people need their cats to kick nowadays considering we only won 2 of our last 10 games thus dropping out of the play off places and sealing another season of Division 1 / Championship football!

Why not go and ask the Ipswich fans how he did in the 171 games he played for them after he left us and see if they think he wasnt up to that level?

I think you’ll find that my initial response in this thread said “he struggled against anyone with pace at the 3rd level of the game & even more so when Latics got promoted.
I also never said that he wasn’t up to Championship level just that he got even more exposed by pacy players at that level. And at the end of the day in his 4 seasons at that level he never once played in a team that was good enough to qualify for the play offs – football is a team game & all that but the faults in his game would have contributed to that
The point was however that if he struggled to deal with pacy players at those levels he wouldn’t have had a cat in hells chance of being able to cope with the majority of top flight strikers when Caldwell (whilst far from being the world’s greatest defender) has proven his ability to hold his own at this level.
De Vos never got the opportunity to prove himself in the top flight coz no manager’s thought he was good enough to be given the chance

And there was no scapegoating of De Vos amongst me & my mates nor even comments that he was $h!te, just a consensus that if Latics did want to push on then he was the type of player that would have to move on. Just as 1 season later Jewell knew that as good as Eaden & Breckin had been for us (see I never scapegoated Eaden either) they weren’t up to top flight football & most fans acknowledged that too