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You all seem to be forgetting that the majority of this team went on to finish tenth in the premierleague 3 years later.

I like Caldwell but I cant believe people genuinly think he is better than Matt Jackson. Jacko would be fantastic in this team pushing up out a back 3 to go and play like Caldwell tries to do.

I’d have Bullard over any midfielder at the club.

Ellington over any forward just about.

And I would have Nicky Eaden over Ronnie Stam ;)

Matt Jackson was a great player for us but by the tme Latics got him (IMO) he was no longer good enough for regular 1st team top flight football & hence why he became a bit part player for us in his 3 seasons Latics were at this level. If we’d got him in the prime of his career I’d agree with you but we didn’t
Bullard I’d agree on but Ellington I’d disagree with – blew either very hot or very cold during his time with us & later went on to prove that he was not good enough for the top flight