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Its difficult to say really
There are some positions where Latics current players are head & shoulders above players in the Div 1 side e.g. Alcrarz, Ramis, Figueroa & Caldwell over an ageing Matt Jackson & Jason de Vos. Or James McArthur over Tony Dinning or Shaun Maloney over Lee McCulloch
Then there are others such as Bullard & Filan who could genuinely stake a claim in this current team, and then there’s the likes of Ellington who although I suspect that he never really had “it” to make it at this level I would have liked to have seen his partnership with Roberts at this level.
You’ve got the fact that the Div 1 side got over 100 points whereas this team will struggle to get in the late 30’s but then the div 1 side were playing Stockport, Wycombe & brentford & were the moneybags of the division whereas this team is playing the likes of united, chelsea, city, arsenal, spurs etc.. & are like penniless hobo’s in comparison

Caldwell before De Vos or Jackson, in your dreams, Caldwell is one of the worst central defenders I have seen at wafc in recent times, De vos and Jackson are still pobably better than Caldwell.
Figueroa is just about better than his counterpart in that side, a young Leighton Baines but probably only in that debut season and never since, even old sicknote himself Steve McMillan would have given figs a run for his money.