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Southampton spent £33 million in the summer. They did just the same to Manchester United on Wednesday night. Southampton brought on Davis and Lallana in the second half and dominated the game. Ferguson was puzzled. He decided to bring on Ferdinand to deal with Lambert.

Up front, he had Rooney and van Persie but they rarely saw the ball. He had Kagawa, Carrick, Anderson and Welbeck in midfield but they couldn’t cope. He pushed Jones into centre midfield and brought on Nani to play on the wing. It made no difference. Southampton still threatened and were unlucky not to score.

United stand nine points clear at the top this morning. If they couldn’t cope, it’s no wonder Wigan were out-played.

One thing puzzles me. Why don’t Southampton start with Davis and Lallana?

Well said DB the last two games we have come back from a deficit something we have not done earlier in the season although I doubt that will be the case against Chelsea on Saturday