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Isn’t it clear to you that 1 up front wasn’t working second half but our squad imbalance of forwards left us with no options ?

Martinez played his familiar formation on Saturday. The subs were;

01 Blazquez
25 Golobart – defender
44 Campabadal – defender
06 Jones – midfield
14 Gomez – midfield/forward
11 Henriquez – forward
15 McManaman – midfield/forward

That seems reasonably balanced to me. Do you mean the absence of Boyce, Ramis, Alcaraz, Lopez and Watson through injury? And the further limitations on Martinez caused by the absence of Crusat and Miyaichi, both injured, and Kone, away at the African Nations Cup?

In the second half, Wigan couldn’t get the ball. Another forward would have taken one more out of midfield. If you can’t get the ball, it doesn’t matter how many forwards you have.

I have to admit that the introduction of McManaman and Gomez did not strengthen midfield. Martinez could have brought on Henriquez earlier and Di Santo could have played deeper.