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Get over it…..

I had, and had no intention of mentioning your away following at very local and cheap (£18) Macclesfield or very far away and expensive (£25) Stoke – it was you that started the “Look at me” thread.

One swallow doesnt make a summer. You had a good following. You’ll have a $hit following again on Tuesday.

Get over it. I have.[/quote]

Judging by the fact you joined in, I would say you haven’t got over it. I laid the tiniest of baits and you couldn’t help yourself, your palms started sweating, your mind was doing somersaults. Everything was telling you not to go for it, but you couldn’t help yourself….. and I knew you would.

You’ll never get over it, it’s inbred into you to have a swipe at Latics on every opportunity and you were gutted that we didn’t present this one to you.[/quote]
Bet hes punchin walls and kicking stuff trying to stay away from that now