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We certainly don’t do things the easy way do we…
Glad we are through, but it doesn’t matter who we play we just can’t create chances. I can count on one hand how many attempts on goal we had today… Sh !te considering Macc are a non league side!!

Norwich went out to Luton today who are also a non league side. Go on the canaries board and see what they are saying. :ohmy:

The display today was shall we say “adequate”, the pluses being young Jordan Mustoe, whose first half display was outstanding , Golobart again apart from a few hiccups looked assured and was actually marshalling the defence quite well. I’ll reserve my judgement on Robles till after I’ve seen him in a few EPL games, but is kicking and general distribution was very good. The signing of a new contract by Macmanaman as certainly geed him up as he put in a decent shift on the left wing and skinned Jackson on numerous occasions and he is supposed to be one of their key players.

The negatives were once again Stam, the lad just cant defend and it hurts me to say it but Gomez, the lad just didn’t seem interested in the second half and gave the ball away at least 10 or 12 times.

Having said all that look, this is only the second time wave reached the 5th round of the FA cup in our history, so I think its time to celebrate not find faults in our display.

For those who had a pint in the Railway, £2.10 for a pint of bitter and £1.00 for a pie, fekin magic!

Don’t forget to watch the draw tomoz gang, cos we are in it and a lot of clubs arn’t. goodpost[/quote]

I apologize for the delay in responding, but I agree with what you say.

If we are lucky in the next round, jammy in the quarters, clear 6 off the line and win the semi, and then actually go to Wembley and win the cup in the final against the run of play, nobody in years to come will say “That bloody Wigan side were jammy when they won the cup in 2013” The record books will not mention any luck at all.

No, it’ll just say “FA Cup Winners 2013- Wigan Athletic”.

I just hope we don’t become a ‘shock’ ourselves in the next round. Maybe now’s the time for RM to take the cup a little more seriously. A lot of big sides have gone out and we have a really good chance of making the Quarters at least this season now.