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After 3 and a half yrs, in charge our goal difference, currently stands at -104, not good reading at all, after changing to a back3, with wing backs, which admittedly saved us from the drop last yr, is the time now right to revert to a flat back 4, when available Boyce Scharner Alcaraz Figueroa, is in my humble opinion, as good a back 4, as any other, in the bottom half,and would help Al Habsi, out a lot more, after his outstanding form last season, he has been woeful this, I think the Spanish lad should be given a run, as this has been proved by the goals against column, just my opinion by the way,

Don’t see how a ‘flat back four’ would help us out. We’ve had more thumpings with four at the back (including a 9-1) than when we’ve had three centre halves with two wing-backs.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t be in a position where we’re relying on the ‘back three’ bailing us out, as at the end of last season we were pressurising teams further up the pitch and then putting them on the back foot when we had the ball, and it isn’t happening at present.
By taking an attacking option away and putting them into a flat back four we’d just be doing the exact opposite of what we need to be improving on.

An increase in tempo and more threat up front is what’s need (in my opinion), and hopefully Kone coming back will improve that.