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the passing game is fine as long as your prepared to concede goals, Barcelona have kept 1 clean sheet in 3 months.

The problem Martinez is sadly forgetting you have to have forwards on the pitch to score a bag full to balance the scales.

Leaving Kone on the bench for an hr just highlights what a gobshiite he is.
The last 2 games were teams have pressed high up the pitch has shown how vulnerable we are when teams do their homework.
We need to get it right at he back, then try nick the goals on the break.

I got this info off Helen Keller.

It was a decent post until the ‘gobshite’ bit.

Ignoring that though, I think Kone was left on the bench as he has barely played football for a month.

We pressed teams last season, and that’s one of the reasons we were so good from February onwards.