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It’s funny what goes on on Transfer Deadline day.

I saw my dad at half 12 today. As I started to tell him McGeady had apparently turned us down, he started to tell me that according to one of the newspapers, he had been at the club, discussing terms with RM last night!

Where do you go from there?

If he doesn’t want to come, fair enough. If he DOES want to come, we will welcome him with open arms.

What we DO need is every player pulling in the same direction. What we don’t need is someone coming and going through the motions, and maybe regretting coming and wishing they had gone elsewhere.

The only winner on deadline day are the agents. I believe they get around 25% of the transfer fee. Therefore, if an agent brokers a transfer for £10 million for their player, they would pocket around £2.5 million!

Not a bad days work really, that, is it?

No wonder the agents are apparently battling like mad with each other. Dog eat dog, and all that. :huh:

Personally, I thought McGeady would come, due to him knowing Caldwell and Maloney from Celtic, and having an opportunity to play in the Premiership. (Best league in the world, don’t you know)

That said, I think that any player looking at us as a possible option may see where we are in the table, our form..or rather our results throughout the season, and think we are something of a gamble to come to. I’m a Wigan fan, obviously, but even I would be unsure about the move, if I was playing for a decent foreign side or top of the table-ish Championship side. I would be thinking “Where will that club be in 6 months?” It’s a hurdle.