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I’m pretty certain that there is so form of contact between a club & a potential transfer target before a hell of a lot of deals are done.
I don’t think that contact would be between Bobby/Whelan/A.N. Other from Latics & McGeady directly but through his agent – a lot of players are represented by the same agents & a lot of clubs approach the agents & ask who they have that may be interested in joining em. He says yep, McGeady would be some prelims are discussed & then agent goes to player who says he’d talk to us. Bid goes in, is accepted & possibly player hears from his agent that another club are interested & have indicated they would pay at least £10k a week more so McGeady says he’s no longer interested in talking to Latics.
Just a theory but no rules have been broken & I know that happens (a mate of mine deals with agents at a top flight football club)

That said, all the goss goin on at the moment about Latics & McGeady could be b0ll0x

I’d say that’s likely to be a pretty realistic account Tyldesley.[/quote]

It must be right then. Hail to the font of all knowledge. :)[/quote]
Really rattled you when I disagreed with you the other day didn’t it?

Don’t worry and don’t take it to heart. I still have feelings for you.[/quote]

Here we go again, nag,nag,nag… but you do come across as a self opinionated, arrogant, pompous buffoon, in a slightly effeminate way. Let’s just call it a draw eh?[/quote]
Most of those are accurate. Not sure about the effeminate bit though. How can I be effeminate when clearly, I’m a woman?

You can pretend you’ve won if you want to.[/quote]

I’m not interested in winning, that’s why I offered you the draw, an olive branch so to speak. I know I said you come across self opinionated, arrogant, pompous buffoon, but in a nice way. Similar to Nigel Bruce’s portrayal of Dr. Watson opposite Basil Rathbone. Basically a good man who means well.
So come on, what do you say?[/quote]
Well, you’re full of beans – I’ll give you that.

I’ll shake on it. But no looking at my t1ts.