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Can we not just keep to discussing McGeady/Transfers please?


Of course you can Dave. You carry on. ;)[/quote]

SW, may I suggest you take a step back a bit.

You ARE too quick to pounce on anybody’s comment that you do not agree with. I’ve thought it for a couple of weeks, and obviously Callmeishmael thinks the same.

Just take a step back and chill a bit! Give other folk a chance….[/quote]
Dave Garswood instructing people to chill? It’s a road to Damadcus moment…

No, I won’t step back and chill.

It’s a forum, and forums are there for people to debate. If nobody disagreed, there would be no debate.[/quote]

Another hissy fit.[/quote]
It is. I’m jumping up and down and swearing here. Shocking behaviour for a W.I. member.[/quote]

I edited the last post… again.[/quote]
I see Diame wasn’t sold last night. I bet Allardyce is gutted.[/quote]

He was cheap enough, what does that suggest?[/quote]
It would suggest he has a release clause in his contract and he’s not as good as the media make out – which everyone who watches Wigan already knows.

Still, the people at West Ham seem to like him.