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Can we not just keep to discussing McGeady/Transfers please?


Of course you can Dave. You carry on. ;)[/quote]

SW, may I suggest you take a step back a bit.

You ARE too quick to pounce on anybody’s comment that you do not agree with. I’ve thought it for a couple of weeks, and obviously Callmeishmael thinks the same.

Just take a step back and chill a bit! Give other folk a chance….[/quote]
Dave Garswood instructing people to chill? It’s a road to Damadcus moment…

No, I won’t step back and chill.

It’s a forum, and forums are there for people to debate. If nobody disagreed, there would be no debate.[/quote]

Now then Jonny Fairclough, (Well, if you’re naming names…)

I was merely trying to do you a favour. You see, and I’m really not being funny here, but it’s as if you are ADDICTED to this site. (are you?) As you never seem to be off it, and seemingly can’t wait to jump straight down somebody’s neck as soon as they post something you disagree on. It’s as if it’s ‘your way, or no way’.

You never used to be like that. I know more than anybody how easy it is to be drawn into this board and come on day after day, wasting god knows how many hours on it. I’m not saying you don’t talk some sense…you do. Sometimes. But its the way you are coming across at the moment. Others have touched on it as well, but you are coming across as a right ‘smart arse know it all’, and I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but you are being very condescending in the way you talk to people….as if you are a cut above, and as someone else said ‘The font of all knowledge’, regarding Wigan Athletic.

Please, just hang back a bit, Jonny.

And no need to pass comment on me. I quite clearly do not post as much as I did. I will be on today, tomorrow, and then will have a break until Tuesday. No after match inquests… see, I’ve LEARNED to step back.

As I say, I’m just trying to do you a favour![/quote]


As I’ve said before, it’s a forum. It’s designed for people to disagree and debate.

Yes, I jump straight down someone’s throat if I don’t agree with them – that the whole point. I also remark that I agree with someone if I do agree with them.

From time to time I engage in silly banter with other posters, and if there’s a pun-fest to be had, I’m usually one of the first to jump straight into it.

In a nutshell, if you can’t argue rationally for or against something, stand your corner until you’re blue in the face and try and prove you’re in the right, or engage in the bit of general silliness, then you shouldn’t post on a forum.

If I’m coming across as a condescending know-it-all, that’s because I am. I’ve been accused of it in the past many times – usually by the five-word-warriors, but it’s certainly not a new persona I’ve created.

As for the naming of you: really? Do you think there is anyone on this forum who doesn’t know your full name? Put my name in bold if you want to. There are enough people on here who know me in the real world anyway.

And, thanks for the advice and concern, but it’s unwarranted. My posts are a source of amusement, not a fix for my addiction. When things get boring, I’ll lurk until it picks up again.[/quote]
u seem to av caused a stir