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right then, the premier league usually consists of three mini leagues. the teams at the top trying to win the thing or get into europe, the teams in the middle who are probably not good enough to get into europe but not in a relegation fight either and those teams at the botton trying to avoid the drop. we happen to be in the latter so we have to be looking at beating the teams around us. these games are must win games for us. when we play teams who are mid table they are deffinately winnable games or games we should be picking points up from. when we play the top teams we dont expect to win and any points picked up is a bonus. and if it was that simple WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS BLOODY MESS WOULD WE. :unsure:

We have lost to teams around us though and we are still fighting to survive, how do you consider it as a ‘must win’ game if we are not relegated?[/quote]
adam, yes we have lost to the teams around us and that is why we are in the brown stuff at the moment. if we had beaten these teams we would be higher up the league and talking about safety and you probably wouldnt have asked the question in the first place.