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It hasn’t to be taken literally just like football hasn’t to be taken too seriously ! On saying that, needs must I suppose ! :cheer:

I’m sorry, but I will not listen to that. I admit sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time and money following Wigan, But never have I thought football shouldn’t be taken seriously.

You can call me sad, But I love Wigan, and Football in general.I spend lots of my time either watching or playing it, and best of all, Its a valid reason to go out and have a drink with the lads!


A valid reason for a drink? Do you really NEED one?

You’re not one of those who, due to getting a couple of hours away fromn the wife/wench, you stand in the concourse under the stand drinking as much of the pisswater they serve up before the game, and at half time are you?

I see fellas all the time, using going to the match as an excuse for a few pints. Makes me laugh. If you want a drink, bloody well have one! A wench that tries to stop you is a wench you can do without.