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There is no need to worry about travelling football teams not staying at Wrightington Hotel because of the alleged/proposed new training ground unless something has changed.

The land that David Whelan either owns or has purchase options on is not adjacent to Wrightington country club.

A number of years ago Mr. Whelan negotiated to buy a tract of land behind St. Josephs Church that ran parallel to Mossy Lea road and was accessed from Mossy Lea Fold. It was always his intention to build a golf club to compliment the expanding country club, however there was a problem the land he needed in between this parcel and the country club proved impossible to attain as the owners refused point blank to sell despite being offered a sum many times its actual value, because of this the golf club plans were shelved.

Now I don’t know if Mr Whelan has now managed to secure this piece of land, or indeed if he still or has ever actually owned the land behind St. Josephs, a friend who has a vested interest has been unable to find out who the actual owners are despite searches at the land registry, it seems a holding company owns this land and the piece adjacent to the Hotel is still owned by an investment company who lease it to tenant farmers.

With the breaking news of a out of town training ground being announced by WAFC and now a public meeting in Wrightington being planned it would seem that the new training ground being relocated, subject to planning consent, on the land behind St. Josephs church a real possibility.

Something obviously has changed hasn’t it?

A lot of words to say that you don’t know what is happening don’t you think?

PS Perhaps they weren’t errant party-goers after all. Would you like me to tell you which field they had their optical level thingy in?