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I will stupidly be carrying on my tradition of placing at least £100 on Holland (Netherlands) to win the world cup (As I do with the Euros also)).

The tradition started many years ago (Before I was old enough to bet) ;)

Like every year they will probably play good football and fail to win (sound familiar?) but I cannot stop this bet from happening. I love the football they play when they play well and have some of my favourite players aswell. The fact that I would be distraught if I didn’t place the bet and they actually won plays a part in me continuing this bet. ;)

I DON’T think England will win, but of course I will HAVE to place money on them in pure hope :)

I’d rather use the £100 on a cheap flight to the ‘Dam and waste the rest of it smoking some hash in a ‘coffee shop’. :lol: