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we play Chelsea on the 9th feb at their place.
Why should we fear them if they can’t beat Reading -worst team I’ve seen this season!
keep the faith !

What does that say about us? Seeing as the sit above us ![/quote]

Well, it could say we are worse than they are. It could say we are unluckier than they are. Or, it could say we’ve missed most of our defence for large parts of the season through injury.

Although, in actual fact, it doesn’t say anything whatsoever about us at all![/quote]

Reading the worst team you have seen this season, who knocked 2 past us at our gaff and we had to rely on a last gasp winner in what was a shocking display on the whole ! What does it say about us ? Well taking into consideration our respective league positions at this present juncture combined with the aforementioned game, I would say we are about on a par with each other ![/quote]

Look at the 2 highlighted points. You contradict yourself. They may still be the worst team that has played here this season. Fair enough they ‘knocked 2 past us’.. but as you state later in the post it was a ‘shocking display on the whole’ so the fact they did knock 2 past us has no effect on what is being said. Also considering it was a ‘shocking display on the whole’ we still won, so basically that could easily back up the point that you’re disagreeing with, as we don’t beat many (if any) teams when we play poorly![/quote]

I didn’t say they were the worst team ! read the posts properly James before jumping in !
Edit- Crossed wires here I think. All I will say is I don’t think they are the worst team I have seen at DW this season and at the end of the day no matter how many excuses we have they are above us in the league ![/quote]

I know you didn’t say they were the worst team!! I was disagreeing with you!! That was the point of my whole post! Do you even read anything?!

I was agreeing with the guy that said they were the worst team, and you saying we had a bad performace (And still beat them) just backs that up as we never beat teams when we play badly. So you contradicted yourself.

I think you need to read the posts properly before responding with drivel!! :whistle:[/quote

“We had to rely on” The clue is in that sentence ! In other words we got out of jail with that late winner and they were better than us ! Have you ever seen a game where the best team on the day gets beat ? Am I getting through yet !!!!