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Probably debated this for the last nine years but here goes.

I only go to home games due to family and cost (cue sudworth) so over the last 9 years have seen us win on average 5 times a year. Is this really what I want from a saturday afternoon?

Relegation would see us more competitive and get me out the house 4 more times and have that good feeling on a Saturday night more often.

I am honestly now bored with losing and would like to watch something different, I know there’s no guarantee and we could well free fall. However think I say this every year then we beat utd and I say that one game makes the other 18 shite worth it.

My tin hats on but relegation I welcome not fear.

Yes get your tin hat on you fekin band waggoner. We need support through thick and thin not just when we are doing well. Stay at home my friend and we’ll see you again if we stay up. Thanks for your support but it would have been good to see us through the bad times. goodpost[/quote]
Flamin hell JR is it tampax week
Whos fault is it where having bad times!!!!!