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I think what we have to realise is that not everybody is the same in the way that they perceive the entertainment/enjoyment that should go with supporting a football team and lets face it people wouldn’t go and watch football if they didn’t enjoy it now would they ! Some are happy whatever happens and see no reason to say anything, at the end of the day it is the Prem look how far we have come etc. whilst others expect to get some sort of feelgood factor for their money despite still being loyal fans to the club. Neither fans are in the wrong and I would say that there is a pretty even split between such fans at the club, for instance reading back through this thread sees 6 posters siding with the original poster and 6 posters not ! This is the way of the World, there are the get your head down, be grateful and get on with it types and then there are the inquisitive ones, the ones that demand answers, the non conformists !

I only added the ‘value for money’ bit as an afterthought and you took a good 15 minutes to reply. Much longer than I anticipated![/quote]

I was having a shit ! ;)