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The reason I replied was not in particular agreement with anything but because one particular poster got his thong in a twist over something that lowey wasn’t saying.

He then has a go at filmoss for reading through and reviewing the thread.

At no point has anybody said they won’t go if we’re relegated.

More to the point lowey will be a bit happier if we’re relegated as he’ll see more games.

Hope that’s cleared that up ffs!!

No it doesn’t Terry whatever your name is. I said he was being selfish re his comments and I’m bob on. Would like us to go down so he can see more games??? that’s worth a “FFS” in anybody’s books.

I read and understood his post first time thank you very much and I don’t need people like you coming on and trying to patronise me. Hope that’s cleared that up. B)

Oh and Fil I’m sure my first car was a Chamois 30 odd years ago. Cost me £50 quid and had to get it towed home. Got it running and sold it on for £80 and the lad who bought it off me wrote it off within a few weeks hitting a lamp post somewhere up Beech Hill. :woohoo:

From Matlock to ManU
What a journey!