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No one appears to have thought about the financial side of relegation ( you’ll have to excuse me if they have – I don’t read all posts any more, it’s too depressing).

If we are relegated, we will lose the Premier League millions and will have to cut our cloth accordingly. Our income in the Championship would not sustain even a half-decent team, especially when the band-waggoners go back to Old Trafford, Anfield or the armchair. This would probably mean us fighting relegation again but this time in a lower division. People who think that we would be walking all over inferior opposition had better think again.

Unless ………….. David Whelan bank-rolled us all over again. If I was him though, I wouldn’t even consider it after reading some of the malicious and ill-informed nonsense posted on here over the years.

PS I know there are parachute payments but they won’t last forever.

one of us did actually think of the financial loss, this is what I said earlier in the thread;

” I can read your post a million times sunshine but it will still insinuate the same thing. Firstly you wouldn’t mind us going down cos we will be more competitive and therefore win more games. Presumably hoping that we win enough games to be back in the same league and plight we are in now, with just a one year break and more importantly, missing out on the money of “warchest” proportions that teams will get in the prem league next season.” B)

From Matlock to ManU
What a journey!