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Most of those on here who harp on about the Prem and that we wont/cant get relegated for various respective reasons will just take relegation on the chin if and when it happens ! They will turn it round to make it look like they were never concerned about relegation,that they half expected it anyhow, that they will still go on and that all us Darksiders will not go on now the bandwagon has crashed etc. ( Let’s see how many of our loyal fight for the cause players jump ship if we go down ! )There will be no talk of ” Oh shit we are in it now financially ” or ” Well that’s us a rugby town again ” ! On my part there will be no ” Told ya so ” or ” Rubbish Wigan ” just acceptance of the fact that we had a good run and that we just didn’t have the financial resources to establish ourselves in the top flight as a competitive force ( Better than relegation zone battle year in year out ! )