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But you’d expect a ticket for the Final, Phil?

Well that is what I have stated ! How many do you envisage us taking to the semi final ? How many more would go to the final ? The two figures will be very wide apart trust me ![/quote]

You’d have to leave before 85 minutes to get a quick getaway from there, Phil.[/quote]

Sick of hearing this Bollox about leaving early. The lads paid his money he can leave when he likes, as can any other fan. Fookin hell what does it matter.

Have you got a full kit?
Does you have a latics bed spead?
Have you bought every programme at every game you went to?
Have you got a L4T1C5 number plate on your car?

If not does it make you less of a fan?

Does it Bollox![/quote]

The thing is God ( I feel like I am saying my prayers ! ) I only ever leave early when it is a complete lost cause and we have no chance of getting anything out of the game, the rest of the time I make my way up to the exit steps for the final few minutes and watch the remainder of the game from there.I once left on the 62nd min when we went 3-0 against Villa and we were playing absolutely shite ! I was pissed off and as it is my prerogative I fucked off as I had seen enough. By the time I had got back to the Pagefield and got a pint in it was 4-0 ! :ohmy:[/quote]

I did it Fil against Port Vale years ago,3-0 down and playing utter garbage.I was in such a state I walked it home to Shevy in bits only to find we had won 5-3 :oops: :oops: :oops: needless to say I have never repeated it and always stay to the end no matter what. :)