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I was talking about (if Latics got there) whether I’d go to both the semi & the final at Wembley.

2 trips down to London, plus the transport, plus food & drink + a stopover (which would be a deffo for the final) in little over a month would probably stretch my bank balance a tad & I’m not sure i could do it.
But I’d be gutted if I didn’t go & Latics lost
I might have to sell a kidney or somet

On the subject of the semi’s being played at Wembley, I don’t agree with it not on any only the final should be at Wembley principle but on the costs for the fans involved.
If say for example it was a Latics v Everton semi, to force both sets of fans on a 500+ mile round trip in the knowledge that one lot of em will have to repeat the trip 4 weeks later is a disgrace, especially when there’s a 77,000 capacity stadium a short train ride away