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It’s the exact same style of play that saw us win seven out of nine last season.

I said that there was no way that Southampton could keep up that effort and energy for 90 minutes, but they certainly did.

Yes, we didn’t cope well with it and I think Bob’s tactics were too needlessly defensive when we went ahead. Asking for trouble if you ask me.

Yet, we didn’t lose, haven’t been cut adrift, and still have a good chance of surviving. Performances need to improve undoubtedly, but no need to press the panic button.

Biggest positive from yesterday? I sold two more copies of my book in the Brick pre-match.

it is the exact style of play as last season but as i said we have been sussed. teams know we are going to play the ball out from the back so leave men up to put pressure on our defenders. they know the keeper is going to kick the ball to the left every time. they know we are going to take short corners. they know we knock it around in midfield. all southampton did yesterday is their homework, we need to mix it up a bit and try somthing different. no we didn’t loose but they are games we should be winning at home. iam not pressing the panic button but my hand is hovering just above it.