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If we slip up tomorrow, I think we are as good as down. Why? I will tell you why…..

We currently have 20 points. Our points per game average is 0.83.

We will probably need 40 points to ensure survival. If not 40, it’ll be close.

For us to get another 20 points from the remaining games, it will mean we have to improve our points per game average to 1.43 points a game over the season.

That’s some improvement.

We also have games to come away at QPR and Reading. I look at our remaining games and I see mostly draws and defeats. Therefore I see it as critical that we take 3 points tomorrow. Our run in this season is against scrappier teams than last season, and the games are fast running out.

At 5pm on Saturday night, I think we will have a better idea of if we will stay up or not.

i didn’t read any of this shit except the last paragraph for a conclusion which states the bleeding obvious. Try harder. [/quote]

So in a roundabout way you actually agree with me.