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My only criticism is, when you attack from wide we need more bodies bursting a testy to get into the box. Time after time you see crosses flying in and 1 man alone in the middle or the wide man having to turn back cause there’s no one to aim for.

If we can sort that then I have a feeling goals will come, and as for Stoke ? I would sooner stick my balls in a vat of brick acid than pay to watch that week in week out.

Oh and finally , , Espinoza ? 1st half to 2nd half performance ?, def needs drug testing.

Tell me about it. Stoke are 100% proof that football is all about results as opposed to entertainment. “Better seen live” is the tagline to their season ticket renewals. May I suggest “better seen whilst pissed and/or stoned and even then you may suffer severe boredom”