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I’m personally don’t mind we missed out on Stones. He’s an 18 year old young lad, a good prospect but right now we need players but experienced players who can get us out the shitte.

I’m pretty sure you wouldnt have seen him this season , Ithink we should now concentrate on our new Academy setup and bring our own through which aint about feckin time considering how many years we’ve been in the prem ffs.

I was wondering why we were pursuing such a young player who we definitely would not have seen for several months when our defensive shortcomings are there for all to see. Threadbare and prone to numerous errors yet neither seem to have been addressed ?[/quote]

We persued him now as if we didn’t he would gone elsewhere, so we tried to sign him before another ‘Big’ club did, which would then leave us with no chance of ever being able to persue him again (I know he signed for Everton anyway but that’s not the point). So we treid to get hold of him when we had the chance, and fair play to the club for doing so. It seems as though we were unlucky.

Also he may have featured this season, he is 18 I know but weirder things have happened than an 18 year old playing in the Prem. B)[/quote]

I suspect you know full well what I meant by not seeing him for several months because RM does not like throwing kids in at the deep end and he has quoted that ! We needed to shore up the defence now and I know what you mean re one for the future but our future in the Prem is at stake here and so an immediate fix was needed in my opinion. Scharner is RM’s answer and so we must respect that I guess but I have my reservations ! The fat lad out on the left wing concerns me ! ;)[/quote]

I do know what you mean regarding the possibility of not seeing him for a while, but at RWB he may not have actually needed to be that solid and ‘experienced’, just keep position and get a cross in ;) .. I do think we may have seen him play occasionally sooner than you would have thought, but gues we will never know.

And the fat lad on the left must concern everybody! Worst player we have currently. Dogshit B)