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This deal could have been done 2wks ago, Barnsley will have told us there value but we went in below it instead of saying yeah we will pay it.

How do you know? And if you’re right (which you’re not) how come Everton paid exactly the same that we offered?[/quote]
everton bid the same because that was the asking price[/quote]

3m in prem terms is nothing, if a young player has potential then for me you should go for it straight away with no messing around. This guy is probably an England player of the future and I’m a bit gutted we didn’t get him.

Girl in the office (who knows nawt about footy) went watching Barnsley the weekend their manager got sacked and said the standard of football was crap but said some young lad came on in the second half (stone) who stood out from the rest.

Even if Stone didn’t make it we would not have lost on him. I know we are at the bottom of the wish list for players but if your qucik & eager you stand a better chance of getting a player.[/quote]

We bid and it was accepted. Barnsley then accepted from Everton.

The problem is the player was biding his time to see what came in. As soon as Everton declared an interest, there was only one winner.