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I tend to put Brazil on in morning ,mind you I have to put up with that clown who’s with him top nob.Then turn it off the rest is shite.

Are you me, you could well be?!

Only difference is that I tend to listen to Durham (sp?) on the way home. It’s like a car crash, horrible to witness but there’s. a morbid fascination[/quote]

Same here. I turn Durham off when its obvious he’s just winding up, but you keep getting drawn back so he’s back on before I arrive home.

Tend to press the off button when its blatant that he’s just after a bite. Last week was defending the Juve defender saying Hooper should have “manned up” neeedless to say the silly Jocks bit.

Brazil is by far the best and to be honest don’t mind Irani

The two guys on before Durham are quite funny as well.

Would rather chew off my own foot than listen to the two ex sky tosspots.