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griffChris Griffin
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Hows about trying to defend the verbal waffle rather than being critical of the messenger, or has your defence case finally shrivelled ?

Nobody on the Lightside, for want of a better term, thinks we are world beaters, far from it. It is why we keep a sense of persepctive when results don’t go our way. By the way, I don’t consider a point against a very effective Southampton side as anything close to a disaster.

As for Bobby’s utterings to the press, I stoppped listening to them long ago as he will never, ever say anything negative. I understand why he does that, because his words are meant for the benefit of his players, not for a bunch of miserbale twats on a message board who would pull to pieces ANYTHING he said, whether positive or negative.

So no, I wouldn’t particularly defend what he said but I don’t think it makes jack difference to anything at all of any import, save perhaps your blood pressure. And I’m really not arsed about that, either.