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Sir Alex with Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola as his backroom staff would struggle to keep us up with the structure of the club.Why cant some on here not get it?.As has been said we have punched above our weight and some of that is down to Bobbys management.Id like to see Harry im a good manager if I have fortunes to spend Rednapp do a better job here.We are always gonna be a team at the wrong end of the table so just accept the fact.Im fookin fed up of hearing about players who did not want to come.That was their decision not the Clubs not Mr Whelans and not Bobbys.Give credit where credits due and if its our last season in the Prem then be proud that we kept in there for a lot longer than the fookin experts reckoned we would.

And 40% of our own town goodpost goodpost