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Oh and as far as not attracting players it would possibly help if Europes best young manager could maybe get us 5 or 6 places higher and not permanently resemble championship fodder !

So who would you like as the new manager that will take us to the next level ?[/quote]

Well I thought Bruce did ok for us and despite what has happened to him since not many can deny that surely ! Sunderland are big time Charlies and will always put pressure on their managers. He had to accept the ‘Wigan Way’ and when a club like Sunderland came sniffing you couldn’t blame him really despite the added pressure that he subsequently placed upon himself ! He ain’t doin too badly these days though eh ![/quote]

Oh yea Bruce what a guy, first sign of a big club opportunity would you say he would pledge is allegiance to the tigers[/quote]

And who could blame him ! Have a look around at the managers merry-go-round this season ! Do you think RM would have stayed here if he had REALLY been offered the hot seat at Anfield ! The Villa turn-down reason is now quite evident and many could see that but don’t believe all you read re RM turning Liverpool down because there are many insiders who say he didn’t ! RM is doing the best he can to a certain degree here but his stubbornness re tactics needs to be addressed as it was last season. Come on Bob give us a plan B to throw the opposition !