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The lad Stones has been linked with us for what seems like ages now and so why did we allow Everton to nip in through the back-door and claim him with just hours to go ? If he was such a big target for us then measures should have been taken to make sure that he would sign !

Same old wigan,pussy footing round with a bid well below what they want,wait for 2wks and go back in with the right money when its to late, bloody rubbish wigan[/quote]
Jesus H Christ!

Do you two honestly think the buying club waits until the last minute before making a bid?

It’s the selling club that hold out for the best offer, then the player bides his time and susses out what’s going to be best for him.

They’ve been trying to get his one in for months but Barnsley have only accepted the offer today because it’s clear nobody is going to offer more, then the player has decided he wants to go to Everton instead.
Read my thread again………. we offerd 2.5 mil 2wks ago which was turned down so why not go streight back in with another bid to match there value,and who does jesus h christ play for will it get done by 11 Oclock[/quote]
Couple of things:

You or I don’t know when the next bid was made. If they’d received a bid the day after and were mulling over it, they wouldn’t have announced it. They only announce accepted or rejected bids to alert other buyers.

And, as they had to up the bid they may have had to find the additional funds for it. Half a million quid is a lot of money and not something you have lying around.

Jesus H Christ plays for FC Nazareth – mate of Moses, son of Robbie Fowler.