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Griff, a question. Does that point earned on Saturday keep us in with a chance of staying up in your opinion ? Because you said that if we lost you feared the worst. We almost lost, didn’t play too well for the final 30mins ( That fitness thing again ? ) and we also conceded 2 goals again at home ( av 2.07 this season ) With that in mind does that single point leave you brimming with confidence ? Just a straight question on the back of our on the way to the ground chat ! :)

A point is better than none. I still think we have as much change of goign sdown as the other 5 teams at the bottom, maybe a couple more. By the same token, we have as much chance as them of staying up. I think teh fact that we played quite poorly yet didn’t lose is a good omen.

And what fitness thing? the one that enabled us to equalise in the last minute of the match?[/quote]

The fitness thing that bar that late get out of jail free card ( Pending ) had us overrun for much of the last half hour ! You should have been a politician Griff with answers like that :) !