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If you’re talking about things on the pitch changing, then for probably the 1000th time, I would ask how on earth you and others think that with the same personnel simply changimg the way we play will immediately make the team world beaters.

Why wouldn’t it work? It did last season!! ;) ;) :whistle:[/quote]

Exactly, he settled on a way of playing that worked for us. We just haven’t been playing quite as well this season and the injuries, rub of the green, etc haven’t helped.

The tacit notion, however, that other teams change their formations and style of play the first time they fail to win 8-0 is absurd.[/quote]

I’m not saying whether he should or shouldn’t change the formation & style but I do think that just as absurd as thinking a manager should do that the first time you don’t win 8-0 is thinking that (most) Latics asking for some sort of change are doing so because we didn’t beat Southampton 8-0.
They’re calling for it because the team has won once in 12 games. It’s not a minor blip or a freak result it is a third of the season of bad results & includes failures to beat 6 of the teams in & around us during that time.
Last season when Bobby (finally ;) ) could see the 4-5-1 wasn’t working coz it didn’t suit his players he changed it & it worked. From the back end of the season available personnel have changed, whether that be through sales or injuries, so maybe it would work again if he changed his system to suit the players he does have available. For arguments sake, if all your experienced centre halves are inured then why persist in playing 3 centre halves in every game
Maybe it wouldn’t work but what he is trying at the moment isn’t working either & hasn’t for the majority of the season & there is only so much of that can be blamed on bad luck, refereeing decisions & injuries

Personally after proving me wrong for the previous 3 seasons I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt but I can understand those who feel that he should change tact