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I know the comments weren’t really aimed at me as I’ve deliberately been avoiding the Bobby is garbage/no he isn’t arguments as a result of winding up with egg on my face for the previous 3 seasons, but I enjoy wading into a good argument & couldn’t resist getting into this one!! :evil:

I’d argue that the change last season impacted on more than just the wing backs. Switching to 3 centre halves for a start & the way the 1/3/call it what you like up top was important to
I’ve also argued last season that no formation is right or wrong & that the important thing is to find the one best suited to the personnel you have. Last season the 3-4-3 fitted that bill – to me that doesn’t mean it proved itself just that it worked for that set of players who were available. This season through injuries & a player sale it doesn’t work. Bobby said himself when Moses left that there was no point trying to replace him as he was unique but that it would mean changing the way the system was played but my own personal opinion is that without a Moses/N’Zogbia type player to produce tricks, moments of unpredictability & the ability to get in behind the opposition, then it doesn’t work as well.
Where I would agree with you is that the system can’t be blamed for the absolute b0ll0xs dropped week in & week out during the game nor the loss of form of Al Habsi – for the 1st Soton goal on Saturday Scharner just stopped tracking his man & for the 2nd, as soon as the cross came in the whole defence stopped instead of the nearest man (Caldwell) attacking the ball & it allowd their scorer to make up about 8 yards on the last defender & toe poke it home. That is just rank back defending whether it comes in a 4 at the back, 3 at the back, 5 at the back or john deehan’s 6 at the back
With the injuries though if I was a manager who played 3 centre halves & 1 or 2 of them were injured or at time 3 of my first 4 were unavailable & the others available were wet behind the ears I might look at whether I could change to a system that accomodated my fit 1st choicers without having to call on the second choicers. I think the impression Bobby gives at times with his team selections under such circumstances is that he will play that system even if it means having to put central midfielders at centre half or left wing back when another option could be to switch to 4 at the back & put an extra man in midfield/up front

Like I said though in the past I’ve accused him of being clueless & been wrong so I’m sitting on the fence these days