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I consider myself a lightsider but on this occassion, i am with filmoss on this one. I believe this is our last season in the premier league – however, i strongly believe not THE last. One day i think we will return – when, im not sure, but we’ll have our time again.

In addition, when you look at clubs/towns the size of wigan, we tend not to stay in the premier league too long, ie; blackpool, burnley, bolton, blackburn, watford – you get the drift.

I think we should be proud of what we as a club have achieved, how far we have come – again you get the drift. We have had 7 more seasons in the premier league than what i first anticipated. I really admire people’s optimism on here & i hope i eat humble pie at the end of the season. But, TBH even i believe its the end. :(