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I was going to put this in a thread of it’s own, but I think it fits in well in this one.

The big question I would like to put forward, is……


I don’t quite get why any manager would be as rigid as Martinez is with the actual style of play they are trying to achieve. This has puzzled me since he came to us as manager.

Surely you need to be flexible to change, depending on your opposition and their individual strengths and weaknesses? I mean, you wouldn’t try and play a ‘high ball’ game against Stoke who are all 6 foot plus in height and known for a direct ‘up and at em’ style, would you?

And are you ever going to ‘pass’ Chelsea, etc off the park? Highly doubtful. The rigidness of our ‘style’ is, for me, our undoing. Not only is it predictable, but it is as if what you see is what you get….we don’t have a plan B. That has been evident from the start.

It is well documented that we are striving for something along the lines of what Barcelona do. The only problem being that we are nowhere near as blessed with talent as Barcelona. Obviously. Having seen them play in the flesh last March, I could see straight away the similarities between the styles….as ridiculous as that seems, comparing Wigan Athletic to Barcelona. The difference is they have the players to play such a controlling and flamboyant style. They have the phenomenon that is Messi, and he really IS a phenomenon. Never before have I seen a player run with the ball like he does. But his first goal (out of the 5 I saw him score that night!) came from a ball over the top, which he ran onto and chipped the keeper…

when was the last time we scored that type of goal? I can’t remember. We seem like we HAVE to try and do 20 passes before we can get near the goal. Quote an Everton fan I know, after the boxing day game at Goodison…

“You play some good football, but you over do the passing. A few times you could have had a shot at goal, but didn’t”.

The top and bottom of it is that I just don’t think we are especially good at playing this particular style. We have 2 major problems within our team:

1. We concede goals far too easily. AND 2. We don’t score enough goals.

You don’t have to be a professor to put the two together and see that it isn’t a good combination at all. We are where we are for a reason. 2 reasons, as I have stated.

Now, where do I stand regarding our manager? Do I think he should be sacked? No, not at this time. Sacking him would not solve a thing at this time. We are stuck with the players we have got, and no way is it our ‘best squad yet’. That is a load of crap. We have some decent individuals, but as a team they are struggling to gel.

I do think that at any other club he would’ve been sacked about 2 seasons ago, for nothing else other than poor results. (Can anyone tell me Martinez’s win percentage in his time with us?) I like the bloke, he is a nice guy and all that. However I think he will walk in the summer, whatever happens. I think it is time for him to do so. I’ve heard that Al Ahly, or whatever they are called, are going to offer him £50,000 a week to manage them….and that they want the out of contract in the summer Jordi Gomez as well. Both SHOULD go, in my opinion. Nothing angry or bitter about that, just think the summer will be time for a change.

Hopefully we can stay up and he can walk away of his own doing, head held high.