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Think last season we had the Curent form Reading factor in that nobody gave us a prayer and we nicked results away at places like Sunderland and West Brom.
teams are showing us much more respect this season and that has made the games harder and harder to win.I think you have made some fair points but remember we were saying the same things last season, the season before and the season before that.
I posted on Saturday that no team gets relegated in February and I still think there will numerous
Twists and turns before it wraps up.the Reading game this month looks like a massive six pointer but I am certainly not writing the team off just yet and nor should you.

Why is the press and everyone raving About bloody Southampton for Heavens sake?They we cr@p for an hour and grabbed a lucky goal and kicked us all over the park for half an hour-anyone thinking they are Certs for staying up needs to think again as they have the slowest back four I have seen this season and couldn’t finish a Sunday dinner-how many chances did the have???
it ain’t over yet by a long way!

The very fact that Southampton were relatively poor for a good hour surely must question our ability to take vital points ( 3 not 1 ) from fellow relegation candidates especially at home ! Chelsea will no doubt have had a severe bollocking and I fear a backlash there. Reading are doing ‘A Wigan’ and I can honestly only see us getting a draw at best there. Liverpool are one of the form teams at the moment and Rodgers has them playing some good stuff and I honestly cannot see us getting anything from that one. That brings us to the City game and if they are going to catch Utd ( They wont ) they will have to start winning again regularly and I really don’t see us getting anything there either. So a predicted 1 point from the next 4 games leaves us 9 games to pull off the escape job again so we can only hope that a gap hasn’t formed by the time Newcastle and the French Connection hit town ! I am only being realistic and hope I am wrong but I wont complain when the fat lady sings her aria and in a way will embrace the next test for Wigan Athletic, to hold our own in the Championship and prove to the knockers that we wont drop through the leagues like the proverbial lead balloon ! I once feared the double drop but the squad is strong enough now even with the nailed on exits to at least give us something to cheer about should we go down.