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Get the fuckin ball in the other teams net and stop them getting it in ours. It really is THAT fuckin straightforward.

It really isn’t THAT straight forward.
However, sometimes we don’t really look too arzed about whether we score or not – like taking a short corner in the last minute of first half injury time the other week only to end up dribbling ourselves back into the corner – and this can be more than a little bit frustrating.

I’m talking about this ‘thou shall pass it to death’ shite.
This football is SHITE. That’s MY opinion. I am ENTITLED to it.

At the back end of last season we witnessed the best football we have EVER seen from a Latics team using the same style of play.

This season it seems bad/frustrating again because we are not winning too many games BUT at the same time we have been more than competitive against the vast majority of sides. Personally I have enjoyed most games.

Paul Scharner has a less tippy-tappy manner of play. Maybe his style will have a positive influence?
And, maybe the return of Kone will give us a similar lift that the introduction of Maloney did last year?

We have a third of the season left to get half of the overall points required. However we approach the next 13 games we are, at the same time, both good enough to stay up and bad enough to go down as are about 8 other teams.

I do not crave relegation but if worse comes to worse it would not be the end of my world.