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We do tend to overcook it a little and attempt to walk the ball into the net ! Last season on that dream run we seemed to dispense with the tippy tappy sideways and backwards stuff and got the ball through to the business end of things swiftly and efficiently. Unfortunately the former tactics seem to have crept back into our game !

Did we bollocks!! All we might have done was play with a little higher tempo! The style was exactly the same! Jesus, talk about making things up to suit your argument!![/quote]

Watch the games back and the sideways backwards shite was definitely dispensed with ! As you say the tempo was quicker but it was also more direct ! I am afraid Griff that you are wrong this time ![/quote]

What 90 minutes of every game? Don’t talk ridiculous, man!

Gomez played almost all of those games and, according to most of you lot, he can’t knock a ball forward at all, so how do you work that out?[/quote]

I am saying we dropped the piss about tactics and I have never questioned Gomez’s ability ! With all due respect sir you are wrong ! B)[/quote]

I’m wrong because you said so? I don’t think so, Phil. Well just have to agree to disagree.