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Thank fek you weren’t fighting in the trenches during WW1 or stuck behind enemy lines in WW2. :woohoo:

I really hope this is a wind up and your white flag waving post was written tongue in cheek.

This season is far from over, ask the 3000 or so Southampton fans who made the trip up from the south coast how they felt when we did um on their own middin. :ohmy:

OK you might see me as a staunch Lightsider but I, like a few of the so called “big hitters” on here, look at the predicament from a realistic, take it as you see it perspective. I don’t think we deserve to be a top 10 club on this seasons form, but I also don’t see us as a doomed team by the beginning of February also.
Coming out with the comments you have made sets you up to be added to the merry band of end of season shrinking violets, just like Dave and LMB have been on more than one occasion.

I’m sure at some point the band of Darksiders will be able to bleat “We told you so” when we do get relegated, but I and many others on here will have had at least 7 glorious seasons of taking the pish out the media, other clubs, other clubs supporters and unbelievably some of our own fekin supporters.

I am guessing you didn’t read my post completely ! Many Lightsiders also know we cant carry on like this and will also not be surprised or over bothered when the drop comes ! Go on man, read my initial post properly but don’t try and vilify me for having an honest opinion ! I got banned from driving back in 1990 for a year and cycled around 10 miles a day with my ladder on my shoulder just to keep my business going so I am well versed in the art of digging deep to stay afloat ! I have stated several times that I WILL be a season ticket holder contrary to…Oh it doesn’t matter ! :unsure: