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Open goal ? Read my reply to your Gomez comment, it appears that I am suggesting that you are wrong ! You however Mr G haven’t got a leg to stand on and have been corrected and you don’t like it do you ! Anyone can turn around and say they wrote something wrong on purpose as a test ! Hold your hand up and just admit it you stubborn bastard ! :)

Last word on the subject from me…

We DID NOT abandon the possession game that we have tried to play for 3 and a half seasons. At the risk of repeating myself, we simply played better during that period and at a quicker tempo, generally.

You go and ask Martinez if he abandoned his short passing game during that period and see what answer you get.

And Runcorn, I agree, you are absolutely right. I have said for three and a half years that ter weay we play is, in my opinion, a good way to play but, for it to be effective, it needs to be done at a much higher tempo than we normally do. Say, like the 9 games at the end of last season, for example, thereby proving my point.

If Phil, or anyome else thinks we went ‘direct’ late last season they are seriously deluded. We just palyed our existing style well.

Perhaps (and only perhaps) the loss of Moses has aseen us lose a bit of creativity in the final third this season but the way we get the ball to the final third has not changed one little bit.[/quote]

By more direct I meant moving the ball forward at a quicker tempo and not pissing about with the sideways and backwards stuff ! This is my whole point and you seem to have been confused by it ! To recap- Prior to that run we pissed about with tippy tappy going nowhere shit and then all of a sudden it was like “Wow” the penny has dropped ! They have now reverted back to tippy tappy style. Call it a slower tempo if you like but I call it pissing about for the sake of possession and if RM thinks that by having plenty of that sort of possession gives you a better chance of scoring then he is wrong ! ( Yes managers can be wrong ! ) All the people sat around us in the East Stand start getting agitated when the crab tactics kick in big time! We need to defend with a slightly higher line and start taking the game to the opposition and be more positive if we are to get out of this mess. Our current tactics have teams closing us down quickly and pushing us further back because of the very slow tempo ( We shall call it that if you like ! ) B)

PS For the benefit of folk who haven’t read my original argument on this subject here it is again…
“We do tend to overcook it a little and attempt to walk the ball into the net ! Last season on that dream run we seemed to dispense with the tippy tappy sideways and backwards stuff and got the ball through to the business end of things swiftly and efficiently. Unfortunately the former tactics seem to have crept back into our game !”