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Don’t insinuate that I don’t go to games….not missed a home game in years, pal. Missed about 7 homes since I started following Latics in 1986.

I’m not talking formations!!!! I never was.

I’m talking about this ‘thou shall pass it to death’ shite.

Get the fuckin ball in the other teams net and stop them getting it in ours. It really is THAT fuckin straightforward.

This football is SHITE. That’s MY opinion. I am ENTITRLED to it.

I think the time has come to give this site a miss……..

The ‘select few’ have an opinion, nobody else gets one on here.

I wasnt insinuating you dont go to games I was insinuating you were talking utter tosh so put your willy back in your pants nobody cares how long you have been going.

If you are going to play the old “I have a right to an opinion but nobody has the right to disagree” chesnut then yeah it probably is time for you to give this site and other forums a miss.

You can always come back to finally have your day of gloat IF we get relegated at the end of the season.

Which we wont because Sir Martinez is lovely and his teams plays perfect, wonderful and exciting football :P

Of course you will be nowhere to be seen when we do stay up will you lad.[/quote]

Who are you calling ‘lad’?

As I have stated many times before, in many ways, I WANT us to go down.

If we do stay up….and I really don’t think we will, I am only paying for a season ticket from February onwards, next season. Why should I pay for the shite that’s served up August-January?

Oh, and can someone please indulge me, what is Martinez’s win percentage in his time at Latics? I would be interested to know.[/quote]

You want us to go down :lol: :lol:

I trust this is a wind up